Application Area

Many people have difficult experiences in their childhood and later life. They experience rejection, excessive demands, oppression, mortification, disregard and neglect, emotional exploitation, lack of appreciation, traumatic situations, etc.; we are all affected to a greater or lesser extent.

To ensure our survival, we adapt and in the process give up much of what actually constitutes our personality.

This reduces our liveliness and impairs our thinking, feeling, acting and sensing. Inner impulses that were not desired had to be suppressed.

As a result, our aliveness can stagnate in the following areas:

  • on the verbal-cognitive level (thoughts, memories, ideas, beliefs..)
  • on the figurative level (“frozen” images about us and the “world”…)
  • on the emotional level (repressions, fears, overreactions, inner emptiness…)
  • on the level of bodily sensations (pain, numbness, listlessness…)
  • on the level of movement (tension, restlessness, drive, slackness…)
  • on the vegetative level (blockages of digestion, breathing, blood and fluid circulation, metabolic processes…)

The memory of our body has stored all these processes.

With the help of Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy, the blockages can be gradually loosened and the natural self-regulation and self-healing powers within us can be reactivated, so that gradually the original joy of life can return.

The spectrum of biodynamic work ranges from preventive work with relaxation against stress symptoms (see also “Biodynamic Body Treatment and Biorelease”) to the treatment of clients who simply want to achieve more awareness and joy of life, to deep psychotherapy for difficult conflicts, neurotic disorders and psychosomatic disease patterns.

The method is suitable for adults as well as for children and adolescents.

Deficits from early developmental phases in which the child does not yet speak can also be reached through access via the body, made accessible to consciousness and thus ultimately changed.