Biodynamic Bodywork and Biorelease

The methods of Biodynamic Bodywork and Biorelease® consist to a large extent of structured massages and direct body interventions. The direct work with and on the body is the main focus of this part of our work. The therapeutic conversation serves to integrate the experiences from the bodywork.

Biodynamic bodywork and biorelease:

  • can contribute to more body awareness and thus opens up possibilities to deal with stress more effectively.
  • can stimulate the cleansing flow of life energy again
  • can stimulate the self-healing mechanism of psychoperistalsis and thus contribute to the final processing of difficult experiences
  • can support the correction of physical malpositions
  • can free restrictive breathing patterns and thus activate psychoperistaltic self-regulation
  • can promote a better balance between the central and autonomic nervous systems (between head and gut)
  • can alleviate physical and/or psychosomatic complaints, e.g. back pain, headaches, migraines, insomnia, etc., and sometimes eliminate them altogether
  • can help to find oneself again after traumatic events that have upset one’s physical and mental equilibrium
  • can simply be beneficial and stress-reducing, especially for those who usually give a lot, are there for others, work a lot and allow themselves little rest and relaxation.

Dealing with touch, with closeness and distance, with letting go and surrendering, but also with setting oneself apart, are topics that can be explored in the structured body treatment. However, the most important thing that biodynamic body treatment can do is to find a safe home within oneself and to trust oneself and one’s own body and feeling.

Gerda Boyesen’s discovery of the key function of the digestive system, the peristalsis, for the processing of emotional and mental stress (psychoperistalsis) and the use of a stethoscope (placed on the client’s abdomen) enable targeted diagnosis and treatment.

The main aim of the Biodynamic Body Treatment is to loosen up the energetic circulation in order to influence the muscle armour with its connection to the autonomic nervous system. This results in a deepening of the breath and a feeling of energetic expansion free from psychological and everyday stress; the client comes more into contact with his or her original life energy and achieves inner balance and well-being.