Our training is aimed at all those who have a sincere interest in human beings, a deep respect for their uniqueness and a willingness to enter into real contact with other people.

It is based on the psychological principle that we can best absorb and integrate knowledge through our own experiences, insights and experiences.

We have therefore deliberately chosen a form of learning process in which our students are alternately both “clients” and “therapists” from the very beginning. This creates a constant interaction between experiencing and understanding, between outer knowledge and inner awareness.

The training at our Institute is the original and only training in Biodynamic Psychology, much of which is personally conducted by the co-founders and long-time training directors of the method, Ebba and Mona Lisa Boyesen.

The E.S.B.P.E. e.V. is also the only institute for biodynamics that meets the training standards of the German Society for Body Psychotherapy and is accredited with its training. In addition, the method taught by E.S.B.P.E. is recognised as scientific by the European Association for Psychotherapy; both together enable exclusively the graduates of our biodynamic training in Germany to obtain the European Certificate for Psychotherapy.

The training is also a process of rediscovering and re-appropriating one’s own potential and dealing with it creatively. In addition to imparting theoretical and practical knowledge, great importance is attached to personal dispositions so that each student can combine his or her personal development with the necessary professional skills.

The practical and process-oriented approach facilitates the students’ acquisition of working techniques and relevant theories and thus a methodical build-up of their individual skills for their later qualified work. Students learn in detail the theoretical and practical foundations of Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy and its application in therapeutic practice. At the end of their training, our students are therefore able to start working with their own clients under supervision without any problems.

Own therapy experience and/or practical work experience in the fields of psychology, social work, healing practice, physiotherapy, clinic, school or psychiatry are desirable but not a condition.