Therapeutic Work

Biodynamic Psychotherapy offers a broad spectrum of different depth-psychologically based methods on the physical, emotional and mental level, with which the self-healing process is promoted and thus neurotic and psychosomatic symptoms are deprived of their organic basis. The therapeutic approach enables direct access to the original feeling and the related conflicts from childhood, combined with improved body awareness, differentiated perception of feelings and increasing clarity, which contribute to a faster and deeper change of attitude towards life.
Occasionally, during the therapy process, psychological or vegetative reactions may occur as signs of change, such as colds (“old crying”) mood swings, phasic fatigue or even strong spurts of activity, etc.

We regard this as a process in which old neurotic patterns dissolve emotionally and organically.
The duration of treatment depends on the state of mind and the concern with which the client comes to us. A shorter duration for the resolution of a specific issue is just as conceivable as continuous support over a longer phase.

In Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy the therapeutic attitude is basically inviting, accepting and encouraging. Much emphasis is placed on simply being there and letting things happen. The attentive and conscious presence of the therapist forms the breeding ground on which the client can be him/herself on all levels. In such an atmosphere of safety and security, the natural self-regulation can then gradually function again. Emotionally stressful events are gradually processed and the associated neurotic conflicts are resolved, accompanied by a feeling of relaxation, aliveness and harmony. Within the therapeutic framework, the necessary structuring and supportive aspects that are important for the client in the course of the therapy process are also included.

In addition to direct bodywork and intentional touch, much space is given to depth psychological conversations and emotional working through. Image work, body (sensing) exercises, breathing techniques, therapeutic massages and verbal methods are used. Both physically and psychologically, work is done with what is essential for the client at that moment. Therapeutic demands as to how the client should be or where he/she should develop are avoided as far as possible.

When the blockages are released, “flowing” feelings increasingly arise, which are experienced as blissful and beneficial. This creates a feeling of independent well-being of a person who feels at ease with himself and at home in his own body and in the world, and from this basis can confidently engage in contact with other people. The natural rhythm of contact and withdrawal is restored and awareness and expression in the relationship with other people are promoted.
Old, previously undigested experiences are clarified, the interrupted libido circulation is stimulated, unfinished emotional experiences round off, energetic hardenings melt and the ability to let go deeply increases. This also brings back the sense of well-being that is the right to life of every human being.